The 12 Reveals Winners of Inaugural $10,000 12 Week Fitness Challenge

Orange County’s premier fitness brand, The 12, hosted their first ever Champion’s Dinner at Center Club April 28th, 2014, celebrating the dedication, commitment and success of all $10,000 12 Week Fitness Challenge participants along with the 1,097 pounds of fat they collectively lost. 

Orange County, CA:Expanding on their signature weight loss program, The 12 launched a $10,000 12 Week Fitness Challenge, with 66 participants who signed on to change their life. Offering the top male and top female Challenger with the highest percentage of body fat  loss $5,000 in cash and $5,000 in prizes, The 12 set out on a quest to train and educate participants on their road to wellness. Each Challenger began their journey with a 10 day detox and metabolic cleanse, while being partnered with a 12WFC Coach who then designed a Macro Nutrient Specific nutrition plan. Each challenger was provided with individualized nutritional counseling that targeted proper Protein, Carbohydrate and Essential Fat needs, based on their individual body type and weight loss goals.  During their 12 weeks, each Challenger attended The 12’s Afterburn Training Classes, while following their personalized meal plan, which required them to food journal daily and provide weekly body fat testing. Each participant received daily feedback from their 12WFC Coach who offered insight on nutrition, fitness and emotional support. To celebrate the Inaugural $10,000 12 Week Fitness Challenge, a three course, calorie conscious Champion’s Dinner complete with a skinny margarita bar was hosted at Center Club in Costa Mesa on April 28th, 2014. Along with honoring the hard work and achievements of each Challenger, the winners of the $10,000 12 Week Fitness Challenge were revealed. Amy Denoon, the female winner, began her Challenge at 30.4% Body Fat and ended at 17.9% Body Fat, losing 41.12% of total body fat. Chris Budka, the male winner, started his journey at 21.9% and ended his journey at 8.9%, achieving a 59.36% loss of total body fat!  Each winner was presented with a $5,000 check and a $5,000 prize pack which included a complete closet clean out and day of personal shopping with famed stylist Leslie Christen, a gift certificate to dine at Seasons 52, a custom suit or blazer by Vogue Tailor, an RC3 GPS Polar Heart Rate Monitor/Watch, a personalized photo shoot by CrewsiView Photography and an introductory four month membership featuring image, lifestyle and relationship consulting by JE|The Network. Coaches Nikki Boyd, who worked with winner Amy Denoon, and Derek Graham who worked with winner Chris Budka, spoke from the heart during the intimate awards ceremony, of their profound admiration of these two incredible Challengers.  
“The $10,000 12 Week Fitness Challenge was designed to inspire, motivate and assist others in achieving optimum health and wellness. The remarkable by product of this venture was the profound effect the physical and emotional transformations of each Challenger had on their friends, families and loved ones. Our entire team feels blessed to have been a part of each person’s journey. ” – Josh Boyd, CEO and Co-Founder of The 12

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