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Behind every success is a story, often not as beautiful as the outcome, but beautiful because of the trials and tribulations that shaped its journey. Capturing a dynamic view of the broken road, rock bottom realization and path to wellness, The 12 has launched its #ShareYourStory series.

Orange County, CA:  In collaboration with Lin and Jirsa Creative, The 12 is releasing four dynamic videos that capture a real life look at individuals who chose to take what many may have seen as a mess, and turn it into a message. Alongside both of The 12’s Co-Founders, Josh Boyd and Derek Graham, who also chronicled their challenging path to health and wellness, member Todd Palmateer and trainer Sarah Gillette chose to share their stories. Opening up about drug addiction, eating disorders, cancer battles and intimacy issues, the collective hope is that these videos will resonate with men and women who may be going through some of the same battles and yearn for change. “People don’t attain life lessons from constantly winning. Life lessons are learned though pain, trials and tribulations”, said Co-Founder Josh Boyd.
Unveiled during a private viewing party including only The 12’s executive team, Lin and Jirsa Creative, Sarah Gillette, Todd Palmateer and Cindy Zappala (Todd’s Mother in Law), nervous anticipation gave way to tears of joy as each 3-4 minute video played. Utilizing a team of nearly 20 individuals from the Lin and Jirsa Creative team to capture 10 hours of video footage combined with more than 8 hours of audio recording, Founder Pye Jirsa had his work cut out for him. “It was such an incredible experience to produce these videos for The 12, truly an honor, as myself and my team have experienced firsthand how The 12 changes lives”, said Pye as he addressed the intimate room of guests.
Speaking candidly prior to watching Todd Palmateer’s video, both Todd and his late wife Sabrina’s mother shared how much of an inspiration Sabrina was, and still is, to Todd.  As the male winner of The 12’s 2015 $10,000 12 Week Fitness Challenge, Todd embarked on his health and wellness journey, while in the midst of it all, Sabrina began to fight her second battle with cancer. Group Training Manager Tricia Buck recalled what it was like to guide Todd during his workouts, “He put his heart and soul into every workout because he wasn’t doing it for himself…he was doing it for Sabrina.  At least weekly he would say to me – I’m going to win this thing.  I’ve got to do it. Sabrina’s already so proud. I cannot let her down, and I can’t let you down either.” In reflecting on what it was like to watch Todd and Sabrina workout together, Tricia shared, “Sabrina brought out two characteristics in Todd that only she could: the best and the beast!  Though I was only able to have them together in a handful of classes before she was no longer able to participate, it was evident that she was always there with him.” Creative Director Pye Jirsa added, “Although Sabrina lost her physical battle with cancer, in my opinion, she actually won it.”
“A lot of people have felt so sorry for me for everything that has happened, but the truth is, I am one of the luckiest people in the world. Because, people can spend their whole life and not find their soulmate or the love of their life or have a love even close to what Sabrina and I had. She was my inspiration to win the challenge, to workout, to get healthy. Still to this day she is my inspiration to continue the 12Life, to continue being healthy”, said Todd Palmateer.

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